Font Changer Update


The following fixes have been made:

  • busybox and system write access detection, which caused people to get a message about not having system write access when instead they had busybox missing
  • boot loops on MIUI when setting a font which has the bold counterpart missing. MIUI doesn’t like setting a regular font as bold, so this has just been disabled and the default font will be set instead

Font Changer Update and Lite Vesion Release


Long story short, I have released a free version with some features removed due to the changes in the Market (15 minutes is just too short!) and also to allow everyone to get the application. Still, the paid version is there to support development and special thanks to all those who went for that one.

The long story. changes are minor and major. Most of the changes won’t be visible as they were just code optimisations and amendments to some of the texts and instructions. I also found a bug regarding settings, so most sincere apologies if people might get strange behaviour after an upgrade. I suggest un-installing (as you normally would, not from the app) and installing again.

Makes you feel kinda dumb when you make a silly mistake, huh…

Font Changer 1.7 Update


I intended to keep 1.7 for different purposes, however this isn’t a bad reason for it either…

MIUI compatibility has arrived!

After a million boot loops, I finally figured out why MIUI was being so picky and got it to work. Large fonts (I tried only 5MB) may cause boot loops, however I got smaller fonts (such as Comic Sans MS, Comfortaa, and Nokia Sans) to work just fine. Please note that the screen density cannot be changed at the moment as I haven’t figured out yet how MIUI deals with it.


P.S. If I’m not mistaken, this update makes Font Changer the only font changing tool that works with MIUI. And special thanks to the people who pointed this out to me, since I’m not a MIUI user.

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