Font Changer 1.8 Update


I don’t usually post here, only if there are some more significant changes. And today is one of those days.

First of all I’m sure that people must have been getting tired of the checks being done before you can actually set a font. Well, with today’s update that’s history! They will be done in the background, so by the time you find a font that you’d like to apply you will be (hopefully) green to go without having to wait at the beginning.

Secondly, it is now possible to specify where you would like to store your fonts. The option is found in the settings and if you have any fonts in the folder already it will just simply move them. Quick and easy!

Next milestone is to have an advanced mode which allows to change fonts like TypeFresh does it. This will allow more advanced users to be more specific in their font choices, while still having the ability to just tap a font family and apply it. This will be either for a 1.9 or 2.0 release. Apart from that I’ll just be concentrating on making code optimisations, further robustness, and minor additions.

Furthermore I would like to thank the guys at DroidDog for reviewing Font Changer. You can find the review here. Cheers again.


Clipboard Contents Released


I recently needed an application which would allow me to easily extract links and share information from the phone’s clipboard, however all the available solutions weren’t to my liking so I made Clipboard Contents.

For those wondering Font Changer will be still getting most of my attention as I have many plans, fixes, and improvements for it in my mind. This new application is very simple in comparison to Font Changer, and therefore any fixes and updates to it will be really quick (plus I intend to keep it as simple as possible!).

If you’re interested take a look here. It contains a description and some screenshots, as well as a QR link to the Market.

Updates too frequent?


Recently I got a comment on the Market saying that the frequent updates are annoying. Is this what most of you people think? Would you be happier if I let updates accumulate and updated only from time to time? Comment as well if you have anything to add. Thank you.

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