Clipboard Contents 2.3.0 Update


This new version bring some fixes that improve the communication between the service which watches the clipboard for changes and the actual application. This may also bring some battery improvements, but probably so small that you won’t notice.

Next steps are to make it Honeycomb/ICS compatible. Get it from the Android Market or scan the QC code below.





Two of my applications have been updated, and I’ll start with the one that has had more changes.

So first off we have Clipboard Contents, updated to 2.1.4, with the following changes:

  • Added ‘Show all actions’ option for item click
  • Fixed bug on fallback action activation
  • Other small maintenance updates

Second is the more popular Font Changer, bumped to version 2.1.1, with a few small bug fixes. Nothing noticeable to the end user, but more features will be coming soon (hopefully!).

You can get both of them on XDA from the appropriate threads, or on the Android Market.

Clipboard Contents 2.1.3 Update


Clipboard Contents has been updated to 2.1.3, which adds WidgetLocker support. If you are using Clipboard Contents and a lock screen replacement application, and it stops working properly, then you need to let me know so I can add support for it.

Get it on the Market or you can also grab it by using the QR code below;

Clipboard Contents 2.1.0 Update


Version 2.1.0 is out, in the usual places. Here are the changes;

  • Fixed list items too small
  • Fixed double notifications
  • Fixed clipboard erasure detection
  • Fixed status bar icon to match UI guidelines
  • Added cloud backup/restore for Android 2.2 and newer (must be enabled in device Settings -> Privacy)

On a side note, the cloud backup/restore service which Google provides for Android applications is rather cool. It’s really simple to implement and use, so here’s to hoping that more developers will include this feature in their applications :)

You can also grab it by using the QR code below;

Clipboard Contents 2.0 Update


After a long time version 2.0 is finally out with the following changes:

  • New user interface
  • Restore clipboard at boot
  • Improved communication with the service
  • Persistent storage improved
  • Contents can be manipulated when the service is disabled
  • Integrated with Android’s Quick Search Bar

You can get it on the Market, or the XDA thread, for free. Or just scan the QR code below.


Clipboard Contents Released


I recently needed an application which would allow me to easily extract links and share information from the phone’s clipboard, however all the available solutions weren’t to my liking so I made Clipboard Contents.

For those wondering Font Changer will be still getting most of my attention as I have many plans, fixes, and improvements for it in my mind. This new application is very simple in comparison to Font Changer, and therefore any fixes and updates to it will be really quick (plus I intend to keep it as simple as possible!).

If you’re interested take a look here. It contains a description and some screenshots, as well as a QR link to the Market.

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