Q: What fonts would you recommend to look at?
Aquafont, Chinacat, Comfortaa, Designer Notes, Helvetica, Roboto, Tahoma, Ubuntu, Verdana and Zegoe.

Q: What extra stuff do you get in the donate version?
Both versions are the same, but the donate one doesn’t have any advertisements. Thank you for supporting development if you purchased the donate version.

Q: I would like to get a refund!
OK, please email me at mandroidsupp@gmail.com and we can discuss further details in private. Also please provide your order number.

Q: Is there any kind of a support thread or forum?

Q: After applying a font I can see question marks instead of ellipses. How can I fix this?
You should take a look at this post by Ditamae and the following few posts for a description of why this happens and the respective solution.

Q: After applying changes made in Font Changer I get a boot loop. How can I fix this?
The easiest way is to flash your ROM/firmware again. This way you won’t loose any of your apps or settings since no wipe is required, but any files which may have been broken (hence why the boot loop) will be restored to original. The only things you might loose are any system customisations such as themes, fonts, and system tweaks. Just make sure that the ROM you are flashing does not have wipe enabled upon installation.
OR you may try to flash one of the zip files which are found in the links posted in the next question (yes, Removal section).
NOTE that restoring to factory defaults or wiping data will not fix a boot loop problem, but you can always remove the battery and try to turn your device on one more time before proceeding with any of the previously described steps.

Q: I removed (or restored to defaults from) the application and my fonts haven’t gone back. What should I do?
Please take a look here.

Q: I set the screen density too high/low and now I can’t use my phone. How can I go back?
The fastest way is to download the ROM you currently have and install it from inside recovery on your device. There’s no need to wipe, so you won’t loose anything apart from themes and fonts that you may have applied previously (check that your ROM doesn’t wipe automatically upon installation).
The second approach is if you send me the build.prop file from /system to the email address and I will send a fixed one back. This will obviously take longer. Or you may obviously attempt to fix it yourself, if you know what to look for.


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