Clipboard Contents Released


I recently needed an application which would allow me to easily extract links and share information from the phone’s clipboard, however all the available solutions weren’t to my liking so I made Clipboard Contents.

For those wondering Font Changer will be still getting most of my attention as I have many plans, fixes, and improvements for it in my mind. This new application is very simple in comparison to Font Changer, and therefore any fixes and updates to it will be really quick (plus I intend to keep it as simple as possible!).

If you’re interested take a look here. It contains a description and some screenshots, as well as a QR link to the Market.


Updates too frequent?


Recently I got a comment on the Market saying that the frequent updates are annoying. Is this what most of you people think? Would you be happier if I let updates accumulate and updated only from time to time? Comment as well if you have anything to add. Thank you.

Font Changer 1.7.4 Update


I have copied all the extra features from the paid version to the lite one, so they are equal now. Apart from the fact that I added ads into the free now. I hope this move will be at least somewhat understood.

Plus I changed the layout for the density changer and a couple of fixes. The new layout probably isn’t more convenient, however it definitely is cleaner than the one before.

Thank you all for the support ( excluded to some extent).


I have recently noticed that some Russian folk have been publishing paid versions of Font Changer on the Russian forums and have been getting credit for it. Could you please stop doing it. The paid version exists there to support development. If you don’t want to do that, get the free version and don’t kill off development by pirating. It’s really off-putting for me when I see people doing this, and makes me feel less and less motivated to keep improving Font Changer and adding new features to it.

So, please stop. If you want to support me, pay for it. If you don’t, get the free one.

End of transmission.

VM Heap Tool 2.0 Update


Version 2.0 has been released, with a major overhaul to the user interface and improved robustness. Since most of the code has been rewritten, force closes are likely to happen. Just please use the “Report” button if you’ll see one, and re-install if it will keep force closing.

Also, it is now possible to easily translate it so I might open a Github or something similar for translations. Or just let me know if you’re interested. Thank you.

Font Changer Update


The following fixes have been made:

  • busybox and system write access detection, which caused people to get a message about not having system write access when instead they had busybox missing
  • boot loops on MIUI when setting a font which has the bold counterpart missing. MIUI doesn’t like setting a regular font as bold, so this has just been disabled and the default font will be set instead

Font Changer Update and Lite Vesion Release


Long story short, I have released a free version with some features removed due to the changes in the Market (15 minutes is just too short!) and also to allow everyone to get the application. Still, the paid version is there to support development and special thanks to all those who went for that one.

The long story. changes are minor and major. Most of the changes won’t be visible as they were just code optimisations and amendments to some of the texts and instructions. I also found a bug regarding settings, so most sincere apologies if people might get strange behaviour after an upgrade. I suggest un-installing (as you normally would, not from the app) and installing again.

Makes you feel kinda dumb when you make a silly mistake, huh…

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